2 comments on “Do you check Facebook at work?

  1. Our credit union blocks Facebook from all computers except management. As managers we are allowed to share our Credit Union page with employees and keep them updated on significant postings, but we aren’t blocked from viewing personal pages also. I feel that if my emplyees cannot view Facebook at work, it would be unfair if I updated my status or made a post while at work.
    Personally I feel that Facebook is a place to share celebrations and accomplishments. There are too many negative things portrayed in the media these days that we don’t need another outlet to complain or share that negativity. I have found that I limit the amount of updates I see from people that are negative, and that I follow more closely friends and family that share positivity. Hopefully that will keep my stress level low!

    • I did a Facebook cleanse after I read the Huffington Post article. I was sick of updates about people that I met once 3 years ago. :-) It makes my Facebook experience better since I don’t have to waste my time on saying to myself or others “I don’t care that this person did this or that.”

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