The Network

The Network is an open group for Wisconsin credit union staff and volunteers, ages 35 years and younger, that focuses on providing career development opportunities, networking and education. It’s free to join and there are plenty of ways to get involved.

The network is managed under the guidance of its leadership committee and The Wisconsin Credit Union League.

Our Mission

The Network aims to provide value not only to young professionals but also their credit unions. Through our group, we aim to:

Connect young professionals with like-minded peers and encourage idea sharing and collaboration among them.

Engage young professionals with training, networking events and other opportunities that provide resources and workable knowledge they can bring back to their credit union.

Retain talent within our movement.  Young professionals have the ability to bring energy and new ideas to credit unions. For the long-term prosperity of your credit union and the movement as a whole, we need to provide support to encourage young talent to learn, grow and gain an appreciation for credit unions and the work they do everyday.