YP Advisory Board

YP Network Advisory Board Members

Heidi Bontempo, Guardian Credit UnionHeidi_Bontempo

Term through mid-year 2015


Hello! My name is Heidi Bontempo, and I work as the marketing manager for Guardian Credit Union. I started in November of 2012 and am new to the financial world. I have worked in many types of industries, from food service to global connectivity manufacturing to heating distribution, all focused on marketing.  I quickly learned that a credit union is a special entity and a unique concept that has many traditions dating back several decades.  As technology improves and relationships evolve, the core of a credit union remains the same – helping people and your community.

Being a young professional in the millennial generation is rather exciting. We are the biggest generation since the baby boomers and have a huge impact on the world now and in the years to come. I am happy to share my experiences in other industries and organizations to help us better ourselves for tomorrow.




Andrea Finn, Royal Credit Union

Term through mid-year 2016Cropped2557


Hello! My name is Andrea Finn, and I am the Digital Marketing Specialist with Royal Credit Union in Eau Claire. I have been active in the Young Professionals Network since August of 2013 when I was given the opportunity to attend my first Boot Camp. I had no idea the impact that one Boot Camp would have on me, and the doors that are now opened both personally and professionally because of it. The knowledge, inspiration and energy you will feel afterwards is hard to put into words unless you’ve experienced it for yourself. I have made it my personal mission since to attend every Boot Camp, and was thrilled to be selected as one of the 2014 League’s Annual Convention YP Crashers.

We are extremely fortunate in the state of Wisconsin to have so many credit union resources available to us right in our backyard. This young professionals network has inspired me to start my own Royal (Credit Union) YP team. We, as young professionals have the motivation, dedication, and inspiration to offer others. It is such an exciting time for credit union young professionals across the country to make a difference for our industry and for the communities we serve!



Nicole Johnson, Park City Credit Union

Term through mid-year 2015


Since I have been introduced to credit unions, I have worked in many positions within my credit union.  I am currently the Operations Analyst for Park City Credit Union and have been with PCCU for over 5 years.  My involvement with the Young Professionals Network started in January of 2012 and has been something that I have really embraced and enjoyed.  Since I joined the YP group I have developed a fantastic group of contacts, attended some impressive events, and also have taken on a role within my credit union as an Activist.  I love to share my passion for the CU Movement with others, and I know that my experience with the YP Network has ignited that in me.  I am excited to continue to share my enthusiasm with the rest of the Wisconsin YPs and to help to forward the CU Movement.




David Murphy, Marshfield Medical Credit UnionDavid_Bio_Picture

Term through mid-year 2016


My adventure in credit unions began at the ripe old age of 16, and during my time working throughout high school and college, the opportunity to serve members was just a nice way to earn some spending cash.  Once I was out of college and replaced my “job” with a “career” in credit unions, my views on credit unions and the industry have changed tremendously.  I have had the opportunity to participate as a crasher at the 2012 League Convention, serve as a mentor at the 2013 League Convention, and bump elbows with the big wigs of Washington D.C. during the 2014 CUNA GAC.  I’ve also participated in YP Boot Camps and YP panel discussions, which has allowed me to grow my knowledge, and more importantly, my love for the credit union industry.  Besides working at the Marshfield Medical Center Credit Union as Internal Audit Manager, I also serve as President and YP Liaison of the Central Wisconsin Chapter of Credit Unions and now will serve on your Advisory Board.

My goal as a board member is to share the love of the credit union movement that I have been fortunate enough to develop and to also continue the success and growth the YP Network has experienced the past few years.  My aspiration for you, as a network member, is that you will have the opportunities to partake in the fun and educational events that are put on specifically for YP members and to grow your knowledge, friendships, and love for this great industry.  Congratulations on being part of something special!  Now is your time to take off and run with it!



Stephanie Poplin, Hayward Community Credit Union

Term through mid-year 2015S_poplin


I’m Stephanie Poplin, Loan Officer and Collections with Hayward Community Credit Union. I have worked in the Credit Union industry for six years. I have had the opportunity to take part in events such as the State GAC, Wisconsin Credit Union League’s Annual Convention and YP Boot Camps.  I am currently the Superior Chapter of Credit Unions YP Liaison. I look forward to serving on the YP Advisory Board. I hope to continue sharing the Credit Union Movement, growing the YP Network and networking with my peers.




Bryce Roth, CitizensFirst Credit UnionBARoth

Term through mid-year 2015


Bryce Roth is the Director of Cooperative Outreach at CitizensFirst Credit Union in Oshkosh, WI and the co-founder of the marketing and advertising credit union service organization (CUSO), Chatter Yak! LLC.  In 2011, Bryce was named a Trailblazer 40 and Below by CU Times and in November 2013 he was named a finalist for the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition.  Most recently, Bryce was named one of CUNA’s Credit Union Rockstars for 2014.  Bryce has a passion for financial literacy and speaking about the importance of the cooperative financial model.





Janelle Woggon, Governmental Employees Credit Union

Term through mid-year 2016


Greetings my YP friends! I’m Janelle Woggon, Compliance Officer and Marketing Specialist from Governmental Employees Credit Union. In my short time in credit unions and the young professional network, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and connections. I have attended several YP events throughout Wisconsin, and had the privilege to ‘crash’ the 2014 Wisconsin Credit Union League Convention. Credit Unions have such a rich history, and it is the Young Professional Network Advisory Board’s job to create opportunities to secure a future for YP’s and for the credit union industry.


I look forward to learning and leading alongside you!






League YP Leadership

Josh Roberts, Enterprise Credit Union

Young Professional Advisor to the League BoardJosh Robert Image


Josh is a member of The League’s Government Affairs Committee and the Vice-President of the Metro Milwaukee Chanpter of Credit Unions. He also has served as an advisory board member to The League’s Young Professionals Network.


Katy Cowdy, Educators Credit UnionKaty Cowdy

Young Professional Advisor to the League Board

Katy is involved with the Metro Milwaukee Chapter of Credit Unions and is a 2012 League Convention CRASHER and YP Bootcamp graduate. She is also a grad of CUNA’s FUSE – Branch Operations & Business Development School.




Chad Helminak, Wisconsin Credit Union League

League YP Network Liaison

Chad is the Vice President of Development for The Wisconsin Credit Union League and is responsible for leading the state’s young credit union professional development and education programs.


Email Chad

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