Boot Camps

Boot Camps provide YPs with a forum to interact with peers who work in the same positions/areas of the CU, as well as local CU leaders who participate in mentor or speaker roles. Typically they are either a half-day or whole-day event and Boot Camps focus on education and engagement opportunities that pertain to the CU system, advocacy and professional development.

We tested out the idea in 2012 with our first Boot Camp at Citizens First CU in Oshkosh. We had a great turnout and excellent feedback, which prompted us to plan four Boot Camps around the state in 2013:

April 17 – Madison Area Boot Camp: CU System

August 7 – Wausau Area Boot Camp: Leadership

October 8 – La Crosse Area Boot Camp: Ideation

November 20 – Milwaukee Area Boot Camp: Advocacy – REGISTRATION OPEN

Crash Events

Crash events coincide with a larger credit union conference and provides promising young credit union staff with an opportunity to not only attend the event, but also participate in unique speaker sessions and other activities at minimal cost to their credit union.

“Crashers” are selected through an application process they provide promising young credit union staff with opportunities to attend major industry conferences at minimal cost to their credit union.

So far, The League and generous sponsors have made Crash events possible at the following events:

2011, 2012, 2013 League Annual Convention Reference link

2012, 2013 State Government Affairs Conference: Reference link (League website username and password required)


YP meetups

These events provide young professionals an opportunity to network locally with each other and often feature a specific topic or guest speaker. So far, we’ve held meet-ups in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay and La Crosse and we’re working to set up more around the state. In addition, some YP meetings have been coordinated with local chapters.

For the latest news on YP meetups, make sure to register for the Network and join our Facebook group.

Other YP Events

Sometimes we’re able to host crazy, one-of-a-kind events like in 2011, when we teamed up with New York CU YPs to take part in an inter-state meetup. We’ll keep YP Network posted on any future craziness that might be in the works.