The YP Network leadership model consists of 7 Advisory Board members and 1 YP liaison from each chapter (16 total), overseen by the League’s YP Liaison.

Advisory Board (7 total)

The Advisory Board directs YP development opportunities for Wisconsin CU young professionals and the overall management of the YP Network.

Advisory Board members should have a strong interest or be currently engaged in CU advocacy, outreach, education or volunteerism beyond their current job role. Board members will participate in monthly conference calls, YP events, Chapter events and League events as needed, including the League’s Annual Meeting and Government Affairs Conference.

The responsibilities of the Advisory Board will be to:

  • Provide leadership to the YP Network and ensuring that its goals and mission are consistently followed.
  • Work with the League YP Liaison to manage meetings and provide support for local meet-ups and other YP events.
  • Assist with communications efforts, promotional efforts and overall messaging for the Network.
  • Coordinate activities that raise funds for the Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation and, in turn, the Network and YP development.
  • Help maintain the Network membership database and assist with other duties as needed.


Chapter YP Liaisons (16 total)

Term: 1 year (coinciding with the Chapter season).

Chapter YP Liaisons are responsible for:

  • Communication YP Network information through Chapters.
  • Attending all Chapter events. In the event that they are unable to attend, they must send YP communications notice to another Chapter board member.
  • Assisting with training needs and providing resources for the Chapter’s young professional outreach and meetings.
  • Coordinating YP meet-ups in their respective Chapter with the help of Advisory Board and League Liaison.


League Network Liaison

Chad Helminak, VP of Development at the Wisconsin CU League, oversees the YP Network and works with YP leadership to provide ideas and direction for YP Network activities.