The following testimonials are from a few of Wisconsin’s young credit union professionals. If you have a testimonial to share, email chelminak (at) theleague.coop!


“The YP program has provided me with an amazing opportunity to network with other YP’s in Wisconsin and New York, get more involved in the CU movement, and bring new and innovative ideas to my credit union.

Networking with other YP’s has provided me with additional CU contacts I use to call on for help when working on different projects.  Our credit union has worked with a CU in New York to further our social media efforts, and I use many other YP’s for questions on compliance, IT, and many other things that come up.

In addition to attending the WCUL annual convention and GAC, being a member of the YP program has been one of the biggest impacts for me and my credit union.  If a CU was considering having their YPs involved, I would tell them to dive right in!  The water’s nice and we’re looking for more YP’s looking to further their development in the current CU position and network with other passionate YP’s.”

– Dominic Sloma, Chief Information Officer, Best Advantage CU, Brillion, WI


“I’ve felt very lucky to have been a part of the YP Council since its inception in 2008.  As someone who was newer to the credit union movement, it was a great way to learn about the history and depth behind our industry.  Over the years, I have established a network of YPs throughout Wisconsin that have been invaluable resources for me.  I appreciate the relationships I now have with League staff and fellow YPs that I gained solely from my participation in the YP Council.”

– Sarah Fecht, Vice President of Human Resources, Community CU, La Crosse, WI


“Being selected to attend this year’s League Convention as a Crasher presented me with a different opportunity that many CU employees do not get to experience.  It allowed me to meet a number of other young CU employees, share stories and experiences, and discuss our visions for the industry. In addition, many of the speakers that presented at Convention also spoke to our Crash group on a more intimate level.  How many opportunities do you have to hear the President of the League or of the World Council of Credit Unions answer your personal questions, address our concerns and listen to our recommendations? Again, not many employees get that type of opportunity in their jobs.

My involvement has shown me the numerous opportunities available in CUs and has personally helped me in my career toward my goal of becoming a member of upper management, even possibly a President/CEO, of a CU someday in the future.

If you are serious about turning your current position from a job to a career, the Crash events and YP meet-ups are great steps to making this happen. I would highly encourage any young professional to get more involved with the Young Professionals Network in any way possible.”

– David Murphy, Internal Control Specialist, Marshfield Medical Center CU, Marshfield, WI


“I worked in the credit union movement for nearly three years considering it “just another job in just another industry”. Since I attended CRASH 2011, my career has been turned upside down. I have met with industry people from all over the country, as well as in my own community, and made contacts I never would have dreamed of. I became the YP Liason for the Madison Chapter, and was a CRASH mentor in 2012. The YP Network has been a game changer for myself and my career and I can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future.”

– Chelsie Zima, SEG & Marketing Coordinator, St. Mary’s & Affiliates CU, Madison, WI


“At the time of the 2011 Crash at the League’s Annual Convention, I had been a teller for just over a year and at that point, it was just a job for me.  After spending 3 days with some super passionate, motivated young professionals, I realized that it was more than a job and that credit unions are more than just another financial institution.  The Crash opened my eyes to the credit union movement and the difference we can make in peoples lives.  By staying active in the YP Network, I’ve had the opportunity to meet young professionals in my area, across the state and across the nation.  Interacting with and getting to know these people motivate me in my daily work at my CU.  Hearing their stories of trials and triumph encourages me to do better and to be better in everything I do, personally and professionally.

The YP Network can be an essential tool for credit unions as it connects their employees with their peers, engages them and gets them active in the credit union movement.  It can be the difference between an employee viewing the credit union as “just a job” or a long term career.”

– Rhea Hogden, Teller, Co-op CU, Black River Falls, WI


“The YP program has been phenomenal for my CU career so far.  It has increased my hunger to move forward and talk a lot more about the credit union movement.  It has opened so many doors for me personally and professionally so far.  Being able to attend GAC, Convention, CUNA Lending Council Convention, and YP meet ups has allowed me to network with other young professionals as well as meet other CU executives and management teams.  My rolodex was very empty before I got involved in the YP network, and is now overflowing.

YP and Crash gets GEN Y employees involved and a chance to do things they usually wouldn’t get the chance to do.  It not only allows them to go to these events, but then makes them realize how awesome the CU world is and that they need to stay in this industry!”

– Don Emmer, Financial Architect, Best Advantage CU, Brillion, WI